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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 30, 1912: "Suffragists Get Married" -- Esther Pohl Marries George A. Lovejoy

In the midst of the 1912 suffrage campaign and without the knowledge of their friends, Esther Pohl and George Lovejoy went to Victoria, British Columbia to get married. Esther Pohl's first husband Emil Pohl had died in May 1911. George A. Lovejoy was a business and community leader who was also a woman suffrage supporter.

The two, the Oregonian noted, "will henceforth work for the suffrage cause in double harness."

"Suffragists Get Married," Oregonian, August 9, 1912, 16.

Their marriage lasted for eight years but did not weather the storms of the First World War, differences in outlook, and political rivalries. But for the rest of the 1912 campaign it appears that the two did work in "double harness" for victory.