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Monday, October 8, 2012

October 15, 1912: Anna Shaw and Everybody's Equal Suffrage League

Anna Shaw wrote to Esther Lovejoy on October 15, 1912 from Kansas City, Missouri, on her return from her western states suffrage tour. The letter gives us more information about Everybody's Equal Suffrage League, formed by Lovejoy in September and announced at a dinner honoring Shaw in Portland on September 30. The letter is part of the Amy Khedouri materials.

On stationery from the Santa Fe Eating House and Dining Car System, Shaw concluded: "Well, dear Doctor, do come to Phil[adelphia]. May our Everybody's League grow. I am glad I was the first member to join at the dinner. . . . Remember me to Mrs. Evans and all friends. Affectionately, Anna H. Shaw."