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Friday, April 25, 2014

Carolyn Shelton in 1909: "Oregon Holds the World's Record for Changing Rulers"

"Has Three Governors in Three Days," Daily Capital Journal, March 1, 1909, 1.
On the weekend of February 28 through Monday morning, March 1, Carolyn Shelton served as acting governor of the state, bridging the terms of George E. Chamberlain and Frank W. Benson, Oregon's secretary of state who succeeded Chamberlain when Chamberlain won election to the U.S. Senate. The Salem Daily Capital Journal proclaimed that as a result of three governors in three days "Oregon Holds the World's Record for Changing Rulers."

"F. W. Benson Became Oregon's Governor This Morning," Daily Capital Journal, March 1, 1909, 1.

In the accompanying article the Journal noted that Shelton was "'governess' of the great and only state who ever had that kind of ruler." Oregon was "coming into the front" with political firsts including the initiative and referendum, direct primary and election of Senators, "topping the strenuous situation off with having three governors in 50 hours."

Was Carolyn Shelton a supporter of woman suffrage? What happened after her weekend as Oregon's acting governor? More in the next post!