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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 10, 1912: "Dr. Esther Pohl Hostess at Dinner to Nineteen Workers for the 'Cause'"

A strong feature of the 1912 Oregon woman suffrage victory was the successful work of many groups in coalitions across Portland and the state. A report from the Oregon Journal notes that Esther Pohl hosted a suffrage dinner for nineteen at the Arcadia Garden at the Multnomah Hotel on February 10, 1912. This dinner suggests that what we today would call "informal networking" was also a factor for success of the movement.

"Suffragists Hold Initial Banquet," Oregon Journal, February 11, 1912, 4.

Pohl told the reporter: "It was my purpose in making out the list of guests to get as many new faces as possible. The assemblage you see here tonight is only a very small part of the army of young women who have joined our cause in this state." Here she emphasized the importance of a new generation of suffrage workers.

The Oregon Journal reported the following in attendance at Dr. Esther Pohl's suffrage dinner: Mary Cachot (Mrs. L.W.) Therkelsen, Mrs. B.F. Irvine, Avis Lobdell, Sarah A. Evans, Mrs. Fred L. Olson, Mrs. H. O. Reynolds, Louise Bryant Trullinger, Dora Espy (Mrs. A. King) Wilson, Elizabeth Avery (Mrs. F.) Eggert, Miss C. Barnes, Mrs. Hilda M. Jones, Mrs. Alice Metzier, Mrs. Glenn Wheeler, Dr. Katharine C. Manion, Mary F. Gaffney, Sarah Blanche Wrenn, Mrs. E.E. Covert, Mrs. John F. Logan.

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