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Friday, February 24, 2012

February 24, 1912: Suffrage Headquarters to be a Clearinghouse as Suffrage Coalitions Expand

Readers of the Oregonian on February 24, 1912 learned of the expansion of suffrage activities in Portland with which Esther Pohl was involved.

"Women Urge Suffrage," Oregonian, February 24, 1912, 4.
In "Women Urge Suffrage" the paper reported the opening of the Portland Woman's Club Suffrage Campaign Committee Headquarters at the Rothchild Building at Fourth and Washington. The PWCCC hired journalist Nan (Mrs. W. P.) Strandborg as the secretary of the committee, which gave her charge of the day-to-day business of the group, led by Esther Pohl, Sarah Evans, Grace Watt Ross and Elizabeth Eggert. Strandborg also supervised the ordering and distribution of suffrage literature and materials. Her work would be vital to the success of the suffrage ballot measure that fall.

The Oregonian noted the committee's intention to build suffrage work across organizations: "The committee intends to make this new headquarters a sort of clearing-house for the local suffrage movement," it reported, "and to affiliate with all other suffrage groups and clubs throughout the state."

The Oregonian also published a notice of the fourth suffrage forum featuring Emma Wold and Millie Trumbull. Esther Pohl had established the forums that January as another way to build support for suffrage across organizations and to be "open to all."

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